How Do You Relocate a Hydrant from In Front of Your House?
January 6, 2019

This is a common questions that we receive from homeowners across Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. To the surprise of many homeowners, it actually is possible to relocate a city hydrant however, you will be responsible for covering the total cost.

In most cases the homeowner has a hydrant directly in front of where their driveway is or the proposed new driveway.

What is the first step?

There is a “requirements and Procedures” checklist displaying several items the homeowner must provide which you can get from the DEP  and  – a few of the items include photos of the location, formal letter of request, consent from adjacent property owner, contractors affidavit, approval from FDNY, DOT street opening permit, plumbing contractor’s license etc.

Once all of the docs have been submitted by the homeowner to DEP, they will be reviewed and issued a formal notice to proceed. This documentation will give a detailed report covering all steps that the homeowner and the licensed plumber must take before installing the water main.

Each hydrant installation or relocation differs from the next, it is important for the plumber to review all details included in the notice to proceed as each line item may have an impact on the overall cost.

Who is responsible for supplying the new hydrant?

The NYC DEP is always responsible for supplying the hydrant but the licensed plumber must pick it up from the DEP yard and deliver it to the work site.

A recent hydrant relocation

This water main was re-located 15’ from its current location, the first day of work was for excavating only and preparing the grounds for the next day when the actual relocation would take place.