How Can a Fire Hydrant Be Moved?

How Can A Fire Hydrant Be Moved?

Fire hydrants are everywhere, especially in New York City. It seems like there’s one every few steps. While everyone knows what a fire hydrant is, you may be curious about how one is installed or moved. The city is under constant construction, and with construction comes a need for fire hydrant installation and relocation. Whether you’re considering moving a fire hydrant or are curious, read on to explore the burning question: how can a fire hydrant be moved?

Water Main Removal

With fire hydrant repairs, workers must remove a portion of the city’s water main. Removing this piece prepares the main for an additional connection to feed into the residential fire hydrant. When this happens, there needs to be a DEP inspector on-site for the entirety of the project. Existing fire hydrant installation and relocation doesn’t always require this, though. For instance, if the hydrant is moving it doesn’t need a section of the water main removed. If the existing hydrant shut-off still works, the hydrant is useable again.

Isolating the Water Shut-Off

If an entire neighborhood had to go without water every time a fire hydrant needed to be moved or installed, there would be severe complaints and disruptions to water service. To avoid mass water service interruptions, a control valve is placed in the roadway, typically in front of the hydrant. This control valve enables the city to complete maintenance projects on hydrants without shutting off residential and commercial water supplies.

Who Moves the Hydrant?

While there must be a DEP inspector on-site during the moving or installation process, only a skilled and experienced fire hydrant installation company should complete the move. Going with an expert company specializing in fire hydrant removal and installation ensures everything is up to code, done correctly, and all regulations and approval are followed.

So, how can a fire hydrant be moved? Professionals with the right approvals and knowledge of regulations can move them. For your fire hydrant installation, removal, or move, contact Harris Water Main and Sewer Contractors. We have the expertise to get the project done right.

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