Ductile Iron Fire Sprinkler Main Break – Flushing, Queens

The New York Armenian Home started to experience a large amount of clean water pouring out of the property, and public sidewalk fronting the building. The buildings super suspected that the water main may have broken, decided to call 311 and report the possible water main break. A member of the DEP field crew arrived on site within four hours and issued the building with a “three day notice” to replace the leaking fire sprinkler pipe.

After meeting with three other companies, The Armenian House decided to hire Harris Water Main based on reputation, and the ability to start working within hours.

Harris Water began excavating in the roadway to locate the wet connection which would allow Harris to stop the water running form the city main, into the Armenian Homes private sprinkler main. After two hours of digging, Harris was able to locate the wet connection, and was shocked with their findings. The wet connection valve had been damaged and now required extreme precision and skill to handle properly.

Harris continues to dig

The damaged wet connection valve

Luckily the wet connection valve was successfully closed without causing any additional damage. What was expected to be a routine sprinkler main replacement, now required DEP to turn off the water main for the entire street while Harris removed the existing wet connection valve, and installed a new one.

The DEP “shut down” was Scheduled for the very next morning, but first had to be tested in the middle of the night. The test was successful, DEP shut down the city water main and Harris began the wet connection valve installation.

The old valve is removed

The new valve is installed

Now that the new valve was installed, Harris was able to continue with the new 4” ductile iron pipe install and was prepared to work as late as possible to get it completed the very same day. The installation was completed by 9PM and the grounds were left safe with steel plates for the DEP inspection which was passed the next morning.

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