Cease & Desist Notice Issued for Broken Sewer Brooklyn
February 5, 2018

We had replaced a water main for a single family brownstone in Brooklyn two years prior, to our surprise we received a call from them stating that the pipe was broken again and they received a DEP violation. After reviewing the violation it turned out that the problem was now with their sewer line which was not a complete surprise.

cease and desist

Most homes in this section of Brooklyn were built with clay sewer lines and do not last forever. Our on-site walk through showed that the sidewalk was sinking and this was the reason the DEP was alarmed in the first place.

Sinkning sidewalk from broken sewer

The customer now had no option but to replace his sewer line and now had to have it completed on an emergency basis.

Once we excavated down to the existing sewer line we became aware that a portion of the problem was thick roots which had grown throughout the clay sewer line and caused a separation in the pipe.

Broken sewer by tree roots

After two days of work and DEP inspections, the new cast iron sewer line was now installed and the homeowner was relieved of any DEP violations. The customer now had a brand new sewer line as well as a two year old copper water main which is considered to be new. Just like every other job, the pipes were guaranteed and if the customer had any secondary issues with a breakage or a leak, he has been instructed to call Harris Water & Sewer to investigate.

New cast iron sewer line