Broken Sewer Leads to Partial Street Closure East New York, Brooklyn

A local Brooklyn coffee shop contacted Harris Water & Sewer after experiencing terrible sewer backups only a few days before opening. The shop owner hired a plumber to clear the sewer line of what he thought was a backup. After three hours of utilizing a sewer snake with a 2’ blade, he was still not able to clear the sewer line. The backup was now an emergency as the coffee shop could not service their customers due to the foul odor.

After obtaining all required permits, Harris scheduled DEP inspections and began working within 24 hours. As part of the normal protocol, the onsite team began excavating outside the foundation wall and would make their way out to the street, where the city connection was located.

Preparing for install below sidewalk

The primary reason for starting at the building is to avoid missing the pipe. In some cases the sewer pipe may take a turn on the sidewalk, or roadway and for this reason the plumber may not be able to locate the pipe. All of the new pipe was installed under the sidewalk on the first day of work.

New cast iron is installed

The roadway was opened on the second day in preparation of the new 6” cast iron pipe installation. Being that this roadway is a two way street and highly traveled, Harris had two flagmen on site navigating traffic.

Safety first

One entire lane of traffic had to be shut down due to the location of the city sewer being in the middle of the roadway.

Excavation completed

The entire sewer line installation was completed with DEP inspections in three days. Finally the coffee shop was able to open back up just in time for the weekend.

The new sewer line install is completed

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