3 Surprising Benefits of Copper Water Mains

Our New York City water system is full of outdated and potentially harmful plumbing components. Much of this equipment, including water mains, is made from toxic or weak materials like lead, galvanized steel, and iron. In fact, the Department of Environmental Protection actively serves 45-day notices to properties with obsolete or harmful plumbing infrastructure to prevent future damages and the spread of illness. When water mains require replacement, copper equipment is often used. This material actually has many surprising benefits related to health, durability, and environmental conservation.

Health Benefits

There are many proven health benefits associated with copper, which is why copper water bottles are so popular today. Basically, this metal is better at limiting bacterial growth than other traditional metals such as steel and iron. And when implemented into a large sewage system, copper plumbing parts can effectively control viruses like E. coli and Legionnaires! Furthermore, copper does not contaminate water with dangerous micro-materials, making it one of the most sanitary options for pipes, water main service lines, and more.

Durability Benefits

When compared to lead, galvanized steel, and iron, copper is the most durable and dependable material for plumbing systems. Copper has a natural resistance to ultraviolet light, high-temperature resistance, superior mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and scaling resistance. Plus, this metal is lightweight and doesn’t require as extensive of a support infrastructure as other materials. When these characteristics combine, it’s clear that copper water mains are built to last a long time—roughly 70–80 years! As a bonus, maintenance and repair requirements for copper piping are relatively low and affordable, allowing you to say goodbye to DEP notices.

Environmental Benefits

As previously mentioned, copper doesn’t release harmful micro-materials into water supplies. This aspect of copper is just one of its many environmental benefits, as this metal is also sustainable. Copper manufacturing doesn’t involve the same chemicals used to produce PVC, PEX, and other plastic pipes; the chemicals used in those manufacturing processes are known to pollute and harm surrounding ecosystems. And unlike other metals, copper is 100 percent recyclable, even following 70–80 years of service!

As you can see, there is no end to the surprising benefits of copper water mains and other plumbing components. Contact our team at Harris Main and Water Sewer Contractors for more information on new construction plumbing services throughout New York City and see what copper can do for your plumbing system.

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