Catch Basins, Manholes & Trench Drains in NYC

Installing new catch basins, trench drains or manholes is not a simple project that may be completed by your local plumber.  The details and requirements that must be followed call for an enormous amount of skill and attention to detail.  The installation process is heavily monitored by DEP and will be inspected to make sure all aspects of the installation are up to code.

Manhole installation

Manhole installation

Catch Basin, Manhole & Trench Drain Expertise

When it comes to catch basins, trench drains and manholes, safety and precision are key. A poorly executed installation can amount in unforeseen expenses or, at worst, disaster. Harris Water Main &Sewer has a team of skilled foremen, each with a minimum of ten years on-the-job experience. These experts know the ins-and-outs of installations, and they always comply with all safety and quality procedures, ensuring that even the most daunting of jobs is completed flawlessly. Of course, our workmanship will meet or exceed any DEP and DOB code, guaranteed.

Project Planning & Preparation

We make sure to secure all work permits in preparation for these jobs, and we will get the site ready for inspections so that the installation is quickly carried out. Over several decades, we’ve become industry leaders in trench drain installations, from excavation to hardware replacement, cement work to piping. At Harris, we’re also aware of the sanctity of your home or place of business, so we look to complete these jobs with the smallest amount of intrusion.

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