Locate and Expose Curb Valve Violation? -How to Resolve

June 26, 2013

It is becoming more common that property owners are receiving violations for not having a curb valve visibly accessible on the sidewalk.  There are several reasons as to why a domestic water line or fire sprinkler main would not have a curb valve exposed on the sidewalk as required:

  1. The existing curb valve was covered when the sidewalk was cemented
  2. The main was not originally installed up to NYC code with a curb valve

Steps to take if you receive a curb valve violation

  1. Contact a licensed plumber to obtain records from DEP, the records may display the location of the curb valve if it exists.
  2. Higher a licensed plumber to locate and expose your curb valve.  This would consist of excavating the sidewalk where the valve should be located (within 2’ of the curb), installing a new curb box, scheduling DEP inspection and re-cementing the sidewalk upon completion of inspection.
  3. If it turns out that there was never a curb valve installed, the licensed plumber should be prepared to install a new valve at the same time of the exploratory excavation.

** It is possible that your curb valve is located within 2’ of the foundation wall as per the old NYC code; in this case the curb valve would be grandfathered in allowing for the installation of a new curb box – the curb valve would not have to be relocated

When is a curb valve required?

  1. On any domestic water service that is 2.5” in size or greater.
  2. On all fire sprinkler main regardless of the size

** It is common that an old curb valve which has not been used for extended periods of time will no longer function.  All curb valves should be opened and closed every so often to avoid from rusting resulting with a non-functional valve

Read more about how curb valves are used here

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