How to Correct Low Water Pressure In Your Home
March 11, 2013

Suffering from a shortage in water pressure can be frustrating when it gets in the way of your daily tasks such as showering or cleaning the dishes.  It is common for residents in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx to experience water pressure problems if they are using the original water line from when the house was built or if the water line is over 50 years old.

Why is your home not receiving enough water pressure?


  1. The main water line running from the street to your home may have suffered from years of debris or mineral build-up in your pipes.  Debris such as dirt or rocks may enter your water line through a very small hairline like crack resulting in a clog of your pipe not allowing sufficient amounts of water pressure to reach your house.
  2. It is very common that old lead, steel or galvanized water main pipes suffer from corrosion which will slow the flow of water from the city water main to your home.
  3. If your main water line has a crack or break  you may suffer from low water pressure however, this does not necessarily mean you will have low water pressure if you do have a broken water line.  It is a major misconception as most people question “how can my water line be broken if my water pressure is still strong?”.
  4. If the tap connection which connects your water main to the city water main is undersized, was not installed properly or is broken, you will not have sufficient water reaching your house.  Most homeowners assume it is the size of the pipe that controls the amount of water entering their home however, it is the tap connection that controls the volume and pressure of water from the city main to your water line.
  5. In rare cases it is the city water main that is very old, corroded or too small, not allowing sufficient amounts of water pressure to enter the homeowner’s water line even if a brand new water line is installed.

How to correct problems with low water pressure?

  • If you are suffering from debris, a crack or corrosion of the water line, you should have a new copper or ductile iron water line installed by a Licensed Master Plumber.  The material of the pipe installed will most likely be copper or ductile iron pending the size of your pipe and water fixtures in your home.
  • If you have an undersized tap connection you will have to hire a licensed plumber to schedule a new connection with the NYC DEP who will only install the new tap when the plumber has the roadway excavated and the city main prepared for the installation
  • If you find that the city water main is the reason for insufficient amounts of water pressure, you may want to look into the option of having a booster pump system installed on the inside of the building.
  • If you are looking to address a problem regarding low water pressure, it pays to consult with a Licensed Plumber who will address the problem and discuss the best solution for your home.