All Types of NYC House Sewer Connections

January 27, 2013

There are several types of sewer connections when connecting a new house to the city sewer in NYC.  The most common connection is the “spur connection” however; it is possible that your building plans may call for another type of connection due to the details of your location and project.  Below we will explain the different types of connections, how they function and why they may be used.

Manhole connectionmanhole_connection

The least common sewer connection is the manhole connection which is usually required for a larger house sewer or due to the layout of the house and city sewer.  EX: if the city sewer stops  short and did not extend in front of the house, the city may require the connection at the DEP manhole.  This type of connection becomes quite costly as it usually requires additional time, labor and material to build and connect as per NYC DEP guidelines.

Spur Connection

spur_connection_A spur connection is the most common type of sewer connection for a house in NYC.  This type of connection is most cost effective as it requires less time and labor to connect than most other types of connections.  The spur is shaped very similar to a Y (usually 6” & 8”) and is inserted in the city sewer leaving one side of the “Y” available for a future house connection.

Curb Connection

A curb connection is most commonly found when a new city sewer is installed in the roadway, a pipe coming off of the sewer towards the curb line is installed at the same time as the city sewer installation.  A curb connection requires minimal work in the roadway, if any at all.  A curb connection makes a house sewer installation or repair less labor intensive and less costly.

A curb connection may also be found if the pervious house or building on the property was demolished.  When a building is demolished it is a requirement that the existing water main is plugged in the roadway and the sewer is plugged on the sidewalk.   It is very common for the new building owner to request that the plugged sewer is used as a curb connection which would save a substantial amount of money.

Fold in sewer connection

If the city sewer does not have an existing spur and the size of the city sewer is smaller than currently used, it will dictate the need for a fold in connection.  The process includes removing several sections of the city sewer and folding in new sections of pipe including a “Y” as mentioned above.  The new sections of pipe must be encased in concrete and pass all required inspections.

Drill in connectioncore_drill_31

This is used when a new connection is required into the city sewer and there is no pre-existing connection to be used.  The drill in connection is completed with a core drill machine which is used to carefully drill a hole in the city sewer after the sewer is encased in concrete, which is used to protect the integrity of the city sewer when the drilling takes place.  The newly drilled hole must follow the size of the approved plans which is most often one size larger than the required pipe

Riser Connection

riser_connectionA riser connection is a pipe that sits perpendicular on the city sewer and is used as a connection for a house sewer to the city sewer.  A riser connection is likely to be used when the city sewer is deeper than 13’ below ground level however; this is not case 100% of the time.  A riser connection is most commonly used when there is a substantial difference in elevation from the house trap where the sewer exits the house, to the city sewer leaving much greater pitch then allowed as per DEP plumbing code. The plumbing code reads a maximum of 1’ of pitch for every 4’ of pipe installed.  The riser must also be one size larger than the pipe being installed.  Ex: a new 6” extra heavy cast iron sewer line must be connected to an 8” riser connection.

A riser connection would also be used if there were underground conditions such as ground water or large amounts of rock which would make the house sewer connection more timely, costly  and challenging to install.

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