Most Common Sewer Problems in Brooklyn: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

May 23, 2023

Beneath the streets of Brooklyn are sewers that face challenges daily. Understanding the cause of sewer problems in Brooklyn and implementing effective solutions will assist with a fully functional sewer system all year around.

  1. Tree Root Intrusion:

One of the most common causes of sewer problems in Brooklyn is tree root intrusion. The tree lined streets include massive trees with root systems that seek out moisture and nutrients from sewer pipes. As time goes on, these roots can infiltrate the sewer lines, causing blockages and potentially damaging the pipes.

Solution: Experienced sewer cleaning companies use techniques such as water jetting and snaking to remove tree roots and clear the blockages. In some cases, pipe repair or replacement may be required as well.

Prevent root intrusion: Planting trees away from where you sewer pipes are installed below ground, and regular maintenance to identify root intrusion in it’s early stages can help prevent future problems.

  1. Debris Accumulation:

Brooklyn’s property owners see its fair share of debris entering their sewers. From grease and food waste to sanitary products and foreign objects, debris can obstruct the flow of wastewater and result in backups.

Solution: Every 18 months you should perform sewer cleaning and maintenance by a professional using methods like water jetting and snaking can remove debris, allowing for you sewer to function properly.

Prevention: Educating property owners and tenants about proper waste disposal practices or installing filters to trap debris. Implementing a routine cleaning schedule will assist with getting you ahead of any issues.

  1. Aging Infrastructure:

Brooklyn’s sewer system dates back over 100 years in some cases, an aging infrastructure poses significant challenges. Disjointed or cracked pipes, sagging, and structural issues can result in slow leaks and broken pipes.

Solution: Sewer inspections using a video camera allow plumbers to monitor and assess the condition of sewer pipes. Repairs or replacements can then be carried out to address the specific issues accordingly.

Prevention: Adhering to routine inspections, proactive maintenance, and proactively upgrading your sewer can assist with future problems.

  1. Heavy Rainfall and Flooding:

Brooklyn homeowners are subject to extensive rainfall and flooding. A large degree of rainwater can overwhelm the sewer system, leading to sewage backups.

Solution: Implementing adequate stormwater measures such as the installation of catch basins, and stormwater detention systems can help alleviate the strain on the sewer system. Please be mindful that these systems will usually require DEP approvals utilizing a certified engineer.

Prevention: Regular maintenance of your storm-water system. It is also suggested to  public awareness campaigns about the importance of proper drainage, and prompt repairs to damaged components can help reduce the impact of heavy rainfall on the sewer system.

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