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New cast iron sewer installed

Sewer Line Repair Cost NYC

How much should your sewer line cost?

Installing copper in plastic tube

How to Prevent an Electrolysis Leak on Your Water Main

Homeowners across the Five Boroughs have been experiencing pinhole leaks in their copper tubing, which has been caused by electrolysis. Electrolysis occurs when there is an underground DC current leak from an underground electric source. These small pinhole leaks (also known as “pitting”)

Repairing sewer pipe

How to Locate a Broken Sewer Pipe Underground

Thousands of New Yorker’s experience broken sewer lines on an annual basis. Most often a broken pipe is determined by a local plumber, drain cleaner or the DEP issuing a Cease & Desist violation. As a homeowner, your primary concern should be the level of accuracy when diagnosing the location of your break. Plumber’s diagnosis […]

Preparing tunnels

Cease and Desist Notice for Sunken Roadway

There are many scenarios as to why the roadway in front of your house would begin to sink. The most common misconception is that the “sunken roadway” is always the responsibility of the NYC DOT. Where it is a possibility that the city water main or sewer has caused the sunken roadway, most of the […]

Water main leak in roadway

DEP Three Day Notice Issued in Error

Early Friday morning we received a frantic call from a NYC homeowner after she was issued a summons from the NYC DEP. The DEP was first called to the scene by a neighbor who had become aware of water surfacing in a roadway sinkhole. The neighbor had no intentions on causing any issues with his […]

Digging for new sewer pipe install

How Much Does a New Sewer Line Cost ?

This tends to be the big question when a homeowner becomes aware that they have a cracked or broken sewer line however, there are other very important factors to consider in addition to pricing. The primary factors included in a sewer main estimate across the five boroughs of NYC: Depth of the city sewer will […]

The new pipe is in

Water Pressure Problems in Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens

Many people live with water pressure problems for years an even a lifetime in many cases. People may live in a house for 50 years and get accustomed to the way the pressure was when they moved in the house. It is very common for the new owner to first become aware of a pressure […]

Preparing for the tap

Home Renovation Requires Larger Water Line

Recently in NYC a family purchased a new home and were in the preparation stages of their renovation. The family’s general contractor suggested that they inspect both the water line and sewer before the renovation begins. It is common to become aware of a water main or sewer problem only after moving into the house, […]

The active leak

Is NYC DEP Responsible for Leaking Water Main in Roadway or Sidewalk?

Thousands of homeowners across New York City experience leaking or broken water lines on a yearly basis. Some people become aware that the water line is broken from a loss of water pressure, water leaking into their house and on the property. A large portion of water main breaks also surface on the city sidewalk […]

Closing the tap connection

How to Handle Neighbors Water Main Leaking Into Your House

It is common to experience a leaking water main in your house, especially if the house is over fifty years old. A leaking water main may surface in many different ways, puddle in the street, gush out of the sidewalk or through your foundation wall. Most homeowners assume because there is clean water coming through […]