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Excavating for sewer install

New Water Main & Sewer Midwood Brooklyn

Recently in Midwood Brooklyn a developer purchased two side by side pieces of land with big plans. He completely demolished both houses before starting construction for a 6,000 square foot house. The house now required a new water main and sewer as per the DEP and DOB approved plans. Once all of the plans were […]

new copper water line

How to Replace a Leaking Water Main in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Bronx

Both commercial and residential water main breaks occur throughout NYC on a daily basis. In most cases, the water line leak is a complete surprise and the average property owner is scrambling to find a solution. It is also a major misconception that the city is responsible for all water main and sewer piping under […]

Harris finds functional sewer

A Guide for Successfully Diagnosing & Repairing a Broken Sewer

Have you recently experienced a backup of your sewer line and not sure why? There are several reasons why you would experience a sewer line stoppage.  Tree roots, a cracked or broken pipe and an obstruction inside of the pipe are the most common factors leading to sewage on your basement floor. It is very […]

Water main leaks into city manhole

Sprinkler Main Leaks Into City Sewer Downtown Brooklyn

An extremely rare occurrence takes place in Downtown Brooklyn, on Smith Street. The owner of a bagel store continued to hear a hissing noise coming from a manhole in the roadway. He thought nothing of the noise for a few weeks, until he started to see water coming up where the roadway meets his curb. […]

New copper installation

Water Main Break Floods Basement in Residential House

A homeowner in NYC was awoken early Saturday morning after hearing what sounded like river in his basement.  He began searching the house and became aware of water seeping through his foundation wall.  The homeowner figured that the water was from recent rain and decided to ignore it until later that morning.  After checking on […]

Is NYC responsible for your broken sewer pipe?

Have you recently become aware of a problem with your sewer line?  Is the sewer problem causing sewage backups in your house?   Has your plumber diagnosed the problem and located a cracked or broken pipe below the public sidewalk or roadway? The NYC DEP will repair all pipes on the sidewalk or roadway It is […]

Broken Sewer Pipe – Cost Effective Resolution

Recently in Long Island City, Queens, a homeowner experienced a sewage backup in his basement. The tenant contacted his local drain cleaner who arrived at the house for a routine sewer cleaning. It quickly became apparent that the sewer line was broken, and was no longer draining sewage to the city sewer.

West Village Water Main Break Repaired by Harris Water

A residential building on W 12 St. in Manhattan had experienced a slow water main leak at the foundation wall of their basement. The buildings super had been aware of the leak for several weeks and continued to monitor it on a daily basis. He had presented the idea of repairing the leak to the co-op board head after the leak started to intensify. Harris Water Main had been working with the buildings management company for over forty years and was called to the building on an emergency basis.

Frozen Water Main NYC – How to Fix

It is common that homeowners throughout the five boroughs of NYC may experience a frozen water main throughout the winter months. A homeowner first becomes aware of a frozen water line after a sudden loss of water to the house. The pipe usually freezes overnight due to an extended period of time with no running water.

Tunnel for new pipe

Water Line Leak repaired Upper East Side, Manhattan by Harris Water

A family on E 82 St., Manhattan was awoken on Thursday morning after becoming aware of a sudden hissing noise from their basement. They quickly became aware that the noise was coming from beneath the floor where the water main and sewer were located; they lifted the trap door to find water filling the pit. […]