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The pipe is now installed from one hole, to the next

What Does A Broken Water Main Sound Like ?

Due to the similarity in noise, people tend to ignore the leak which creates more of a severe condition over time. Most homeowners first become aware that their water line is broken after being served a DEP 3 day notice or a flooded basement.

The sinkhole

Broken Sewer Leads to Hole In Street

A homeowner in Prospect Heights Brooklyn began to notice a small sinkhole forming in the roadway throughout the winter. At first he didn’t think much of it, as it is common to see sinkholes throughout the streets of Brooklyn. Shortly after he started to experience sewage backups in his sewer trap and decided

Roots In Sewer Pipe Need Quick Fix

If you were lucky enough to become aware of root intrusion of your sewer line in the early stages, you may have luck cutting the roots from inside the sewer pipe. In many cases a quick pipe cleaning will serve as a temporary solution to your sewage backups, it is important for you to maintain your sewer line every six months to avoid any larger issues.

Installing new iron pipe

Water Main Leak Scenarios NYC

NYC homeowners experience thousands of broken water mains per year. There are many ways that a homeowner will first become aware that their water main is broken and are always questioning “how is my water main leaking out of nowhere”. There are many reasons as to why a water line would leak, which most of are out of our control.

Excavating for sewer install

New Water Main & Sewer Midwood Brooklyn

Recently in Midwood Brooklyn a developer purchased two side by side pieces of land with big plans. He completely demolished both houses before starting construction for a 6,000 square foot house. The house now required a new water main and sewer as per the DEP and DOB approved plans. Once all of the plans were […]

The active leak

Is NYC DEP Responsible for Leaking Water Main in Roadway or Sidewalk?

Thousands of homeowners across New York City experience leaking or broken water lines on a yearly basis. Some people become aware that the water line is broken from a loss of water pressure, water leaking into their house and on the property. A large portion of water main breaks also surface on the city sidewalk […]

Sinkhole from leaking pipe

Sinkhole on Property Created by Underground Water Line Leak

A homeowner in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn had become aware of a small sinkhole forming on his property. At first he did not pay much attention, until the hole began to drop more by the day. The homeowner was aware of Harris Water & Sewer after seeing them work in his neighborhood for many years, at […]

The leak continues

The Risk of Repairing a Water Main VS. Replacing The Entire Pipe

A water main leak is a common occurrence that happens throughout the five boroughs of NYC on a daily basis. The top three reasons for a leaking water line are: Due to natural wear and tear of an old and corroded water line If a fitting was used in the previous water main installation, the […]

Leaking tap

Water Main Repair Results in Loss of Water for Queens Neighborhood

A Queens’s homeowner was issued a DEP 3 day notice for a water main leak on Sunday afternoon. The water leak continued to intensify throughout the roadway, causing a potentially dangerous situation. As per the DEP 3 day notice, the homeowner had to hire a licensed plumber to replace the water line on an emergency […]

Crack in Sewer Line Causes Hole in Roadway

If you live in the five boroughs of NYC, it is expected to encounter cracks and crevices in the roadway on your daily commute. If you happen to encounter an actual hole in the roadway, it is safe to assume that there is a major problem occurring below ground level. This is exactly what happened […]