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Working around 811 mark out

The Importance of Calling 811 for Water Main & Sewer Installations

It is important to call 811 for a utility mark-out when planning any type of digging job from planting a small tree, to installing a new water main or sewer line. The depth of all utility lines differ pending underground conditions and the layout of surrounding utilities. It is not safe to assume “I am […]

Crack in Sewer Line Causes Hole in Roadway

If you live in the five boroughs of NYC, it is expected to encounter cracks and crevices in the roadway on your daily commute. If you happen to encounter an actual hole in the roadway, it is safe to assume that there is a major problem occurring below ground level. This is exactly what happened […]

Sidewalk Curb Valve Replacement Manhattan – Violation settled

After a recent inspection, a property management company in NYC was issued a curb valve violation. The building was summonsed for not having a curb valve exposed on the sidewalk which is required for all fire sprinkler mains. The management company had 90 days to rectify the issue before appearing in court.

Queens Water Main Leaks into Broken Sewer Line

Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors was called to a single family residence for a routine sewer backup that the homeowner had been experiencing for several days. The plumbing mechanic started by attempting to clear the sewer line with a “sewer snake” when he continued to get stuck 5 feet out from the house sewer trap.

Combined Water Main Installation In Fresh Meadows, Queens

Recently the Meadow Park Nursing Home was required to increase the size of their existing water service. As the DOB (Department of Buildings) continues to update their requirements, many houses and businesses are required to install a fire sprinkler main and in this case, increase the size of the existing combined water service.

Queens Sewer & Water Main Repairs- Over 95 Years’ Experience

The need for a sewer line repair is usually unexpected and tends to be a stressful situation for the average NYC homeowner. Repairing a sewer line requires a specialty plumber holding insurance, a license and a bond with NYC. It is important to find a sewer contractor who handles all aspects of the sewer repair in-house and avoid any subcontracting.

A Water Main Installation – A Step by Step Guide

Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors continues to serve Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx as the industry leader when it comes to water main and sewer line installations. The Harris family has been serving the 5 boroughs and all of their plumbing needs for over 90 years, it is important for us to make sure that our customers have a detailed understanding on how a water main is installed.

Pitch and Your Sewer Line – All You Need to Know

The most common reasons for a lack of pitch are: 1. The existing house sewer line was not properly supported upon the initial installation; proper support consists of solid concrete blocks inserted underneath the sewer line as well as proper compaction of the surrounding soil 2. If a level was not used to properly measure pitch of the pipe. Measuring pitch with a level should always be performed

Sidewalk Water Line Leak Requires New Water Main NYC

A property owner in Manhattan called 311 (NYC DEP) after noticing that her sidewalk had several damp spots for several days in a row. At first they paid no attention to the random water spots as it had been raining for a few days, they decided to further investigate as the damp areas started to increase over time.

Bronx Sewer Line Install Encounters Large Rock

When installing a new water main or sewer line there is always the possibility of encountering unexpected conditions below ground level. When excavating the ground a contractor may face utilities, ground water or large rock that may change the scope of work for the current day and the entire project in many cases.