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Old lead water main

Do We Have Lead In Our Drinking Water?

The E.P.A. says that streams tapped by water sources serving a large portion of the population are not yet governed by laws protecting the amount of toxic in our water. Lead water mains were made illegal over 30 years ago however, there are still over 8 million pipes that may allow lead into our drinking water.
Replacing lead water mains with copper

It is becoming more frequent than ever that new homeowners and parents with young children are replacing their lead water mains with new copper mains. The process is pretty straight forward and can be completed within one day in most cases.

The pipe is installed

Brooklyn Resident Has Water Shut Off By DEP

A homeowner in Brooklyn contacted her plumber on Wednesday afternoon after she started to notice a stream of water on her sidewalk. The plumber advised her to contact DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) to determine where the water was coming from, and what the next step was to curing the problem. DEP arrived at the […]

Sewer Liner & Trenchless Sewer Installations NYC –The Pros and Cons

Sewer lining is a method that is commonly discussed as a solution when experiencing problems with a sewer line. The process of inserting a plastic tube inside of a sewer line tends to be less costly and quicker than excavating for a sewer line replacement. For these reasons most homeowners are interested in the process, […]

Roots in clay sewer

NYC Water Main & Sewer Installations Require Arborist to Protect Trees

It is becoming more common that a NYC Certified Arborist is required on site throughout a water main or sewer installation in NYC. Over the previous few years, the Parks Department guidelines have become more restrictive. The previous ruling required a Parks Dept. permit and an Arborist on site if the contractor was digging under […]

Cross Connection Approvals |Backflow Prevention Device – All You Need to Know

The backflow device is required to be installed on the main water lines feeding the building. It is highly advised to higher an architect with experience specific to this type of work due to the detail and constant updates to requirements. Working with an experienced architect will eliminate any unnecessary margin for error, keep the cost down, and narrow the time in-between submitting paperwork

NYC Sewer Improvements Being Made by NYC DEP Post Hurricane Sandy

The sewer monitoring sensors will send a signal when elevated flows are detected and DEP city sewer crews will be dispatched to take precautionary measures in the event that the problem gets worst.

NYC Sewer System and How it Functions

Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx water supply systems are one of the most extensive city water systems in the world.  The system runs on tunnels, reservoirs and aqueducts which serve over  8 million NYC residents on a daily basis.   Mostly due to NYC water basins, New York’s water purification process is way more manageable […]

NYC Utility Work and Trees Part 2

In order to successfully complete a water main, utility, construction or excavation project without receiving a ticket for a violation of NYC Forrestry rules set by the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), the contractor must hire a reputable ISA Certified Consulting Arborist (CA) to act as a liaison to the city and ensure that all guidelines are strictly enforced.

NYC Utility Work and Trees: Using an Arborist to Avoid Violations

Trees are vital components of the infrastructure of New York City and the five boroughs. As such, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), which has jurisdiction over all trees growing in the public right-of-way, including trees along streets, parkways, and in City park, has strict guidelines on how to approach construction in the vicinity of a tree and it’s root structure…