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Corroded Water Main House Control Valve – How to Fix?

It is common for a property owner to utilize the house control valve for an internal plumbing repair, or if a new meter installation is required. The plumber must stop the water running from the city water main in the roadway, before he can perform any type of internal plumbing work. There are several reasons […]

Sidewalk Curb Valve Replacement Manhattan – Violation settled

After a recent inspection, a property management company in NYC was issued a curb valve violation. The building was summonsed for not having a curb valve exposed on the sidewalk which is required for all fire sprinkler mains. The management company had 90 days to rectify the issue before appearing in court.

Combined Water Main Installation In Fresh Meadows, Queens

Recently the Meadow Park Nursing Home was required to increase the size of their existing water service. As the DOB (Department of Buildings) continues to update their requirements, many houses and businesses are required to install a fire sprinkler main and in this case, increase the size of the existing combined water service.

Queens Sewer & Water Main Repairs- Over 95 Years’ Experience

The need for a sewer line repair is usually unexpected and tends to be a stressful situation for the average NYC homeowner. Repairing a sewer line requires a specialty plumber holding insurance, a license and a bond with NYC. It is important to find a sewer contractor who handles all aspects of the sewer repair in-house and avoid any subcontracting.

Curb valve Replacement Park Slope Brooklyn Results in Leaking Wet Connection

A local business off of 4th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn recently had to replace their curb valve. The city was now requiring this business to have a backflow prevention device (BPD) installed but the OS&Y valve was no longer functioning to turn the water off. The internal plumber attempted to close the water at the curb valve for the new OS&Y valve and BPD installation when the curb valve continued to spin.

Fix a Broken Water Main Valve NYC

The water main valve (AKA house control valve) is used to stop the flow of water from the city water main to inside the house. The water main valve is usually located within 2’ of the foundation wall and is most commonly used when an internal plumber has to repair piping on the inside of the house. The type and size of a water main valve in a building may vary pending type of water main (domestic or sprinkler), size of the pipe, and the year it was installed.

Broken Water Line Emergency Lexington Ave. NYC

A Grocery store in in the Grammercy/Flatiron District of Manhattan recently experienced a water main emergency after noticing large amounts of water coming into the building from the foundation wall. At first the owner was not aware of what the issue was, he decided to call DEP to resolve the issue.

DEP 10 Day Notice for Broken Water Line | Metropolitan Ave Queens

Late Thursday morning Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors received a call from a frantic landlord after he learned that his buildings water line had been shut-off in the roadway by the DEP. After further investigation it became apparent that the tenants received a DEP 3 day notice after the water line was deemed as leaking one week prior.

Does a Backflow Prevention Device | RPZ Installation Require a New Water Line Installation?

The most common reason for replacing the water line when installing a new backflow device is if the water line cannot be turned off for the backflow installation. The water line from the city water main in the roadway, to inside the building, must be turned off for the backflow installation. In many cases the internal house control valve is too old and no longer functions. If a curb valve exist

Cross Connection Approvals |Backflow Prevention Device – All You Need to Know

The backflow device is required to be installed on the main water lines feeding the building. It is highly advised to higher an architect with experience specific to this type of work due to the detail and constant updates to requirements. Working with an experienced architect will eliminate any unnecessary margin for error, keep the cost down, and narrow the time in-between submitting paperwork