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Installing copper in plastic tube

How to Prevent an Electrolysis Leak on Your Water Main

Homeowners across the Five Boroughs have been experiencing pinhole leaks in their copper tubing, which has been caused by electrolysis. Electrolysis occurs when there is an underground DC current leak from an underground electric source. These small pinhole leaks (also known as “pitting”)

Digging for sewer repair

Should You Clean Your Sewer Line or Repair Your Sewer Line?

Most property owners want to avoid repairing their sewer line due to the expense and the inconvenience of digging outside of the house. In many cases they will continue to “maintain” the sewer line by clearing it with a sewer snake and water jet every time there is a backup. There are a few important factors that should be considered when working on the “maintenance plan” and compare these factors to the details and cost included in repairing the sewer pipe.

Old lead water main

Do We Have Lead In Our Drinking Water?

The E.P.A. says that streams tapped by water sources serving a large portion of the population are not yet governed by laws protecting the amount of toxic in our water. Lead water mains were made illegal over 30 years ago however, there are still over 8 million pipes that may allow lead into our drinking water.
Replacing lead water mains with copper

It is becoming more frequent than ever that new homeowners and parents with young children are replacing their lead water mains with new copper mains. The process is pretty straight forward and can be completed within one day in most cases.

Roots In Sewer Pipe Need Quick Fix

If you were lucky enough to become aware of root intrusion of your sewer line in the early stages, you may have luck cutting the roots from inside the sewer pipe. In many cases a quick pipe cleaning will serve as a temporary solution to your sewage backups, it is important for you to maintain your sewer line every six months to avoid any larger issues.

New copper pipe installed

How to Fix a Broken Water Main Tap or Wet Connection

Repairing a leaking water main is a common occurrence that thousands of homeowners across NYC experience each year. Becoming aware of a leaking water main is usually one of two way. The first is that the homeowner experiences water coming into their house, or surfacing in front of their house. The second is when a homeowner is notified by the DEP and issues a 3 day notice.

Active 811 Mark-out

Utility Mark Outs for Water Main & Sewer Excavations

In the state of New York it is the law to call in for a utility mark out before excavating the roadway. The contractor must call the 811 “one-call center” and provide all requested information specific to the water main or sewer replacement. At this point the one-call center will provide the contractor with a […]

Corroded sewer trap

Repair a Broken Sewer Line at Foundation Wall

The first step a homeowner usually takes when experiencing a sewer backup, is hiring a local drain cleaner to clear the blockage. Many times it is as easy as utilizing a sewer snake and clearing a backed up pipe after thirty minutes of work. In other scenarios, the drain cleaner may spend hours trying to […]

Digging for new sewer pipe install

How Much Does a New Sewer Line Cost ?

This tends to be the big question when a homeowner becomes aware that they have a cracked or broken sewer line however, there are other very important factors to consider in addition to pricing. The primary factors included in a sewer main estimate across the five boroughs of NYC: Depth of the city sewer will […]

Where is My Curb Valve Box

Most people don’t think twice about a curb valve until an emergency situation, or receiving a violation for not having one. There is also a common misconception as to when a building is required to have a curb valve, and when a curb valve is most often used. Where is your curb valve located? In […]

Installing new water main

3 Quick Steps to Check for Broken Water Main

Thousands of water mains break throughout the five boroughs of NYC on a yearly basis. In many cases the source of the broken water line was misdiagnosed before the leak was actually located. Many of these scenarios caused homeowners thousands of dollars to determine that it was a neighbor’s pipe or the city water main […]