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New pipe prepared for install

How to Locate and Repair a Broken Sewer 2017

If you are reading this article there is a good chance that you are experiencing sewer backups and are now looking for a permanent resolution to your sewage problems. The first question is what is causing the backups? You must have a plumber perform an inspection of your sewer line. Most commonly the plumber will […]

New cast iron sewer installed

Sewer Line Repair Cost NYC

How much should your sewer line cost?

new wet connection Broadway Manhattan

Manhattan Water Main Breaks When Installing New 6” Fire Line

Harris Water began excavating in the roadway for a standard fire sprinkler main installation on Broadway, in Manhattan. The job was scheduled for one day to excavate in preparation for the DEP wet connection installation on the second day of work.

Water Main and Sewer Inspections for New Homeowners

You recently purchased a house and have become aware that the sewer or water main is not functioning properly. This seems to have become more of a common issue as many realtors are not bringing these items to the closing table.

Installing copper in plastic tube

How to Prevent an Electrolysis Leak on Your Water Main

Homeowners across the Five Boroughs have been experiencing pinhole leaks in their copper tubing, which has been caused by electrolysis. Electrolysis occurs when there is an underground DC current leak from an underground electric source. These small pinhole leaks (also known as “pitting”)

The tunnel

Water Main Replacement at Manhattans Federal Courthouse

On Tuesday morning the buildings super at 200 Worth St. in Manhattan, contacted DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) after becoming aware of a small stream of water entering through the buildings foundation wall. The DEP showed up within a few hours and issued a Three-Day Notice for the building to repair the sprinkler line.

The sprinkler main is installed

New sprinkler water main installed NYC

Recently in downtown Manhattan a group of hotels were required to update their water mains feeding the buildings internal sprinkler system. The hotels engineer was required to bring the fire sprinkler mains up to code, this required the existing fire sprinkler water mains to increase in size. Over the previous week Harris Water completed the […]

Rock drill

Rock Breaking for Water Main & Sewer Installation

Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors was hired by a development group to install the main water and sewer line for a new hotel in Manhattan. The work took place in midtown Manhattan and the project began like every other installation in NYC. After obtaining all DOT and DEP permits, Harris began excavating in the […]

Another successful job!

Water Main Leaks into Neighbors Basement Manhattan

The homeowner of a single family residence on Henry St in Manhattan, was alarmed after noticing a stream of water coming from his foundation wall. His natural inclination was to contact his plumber and fix the leaking pipe inside his house. The internal plumber informed the homeowner that the leak was not from a pipe […]

Repairing sewer pipe

How to Locate a Broken Sewer Pipe Underground

Thousands of New Yorker’s experience broken sewer lines on an annual basis. Most often a broken pipe is determined by a local plumber, drain cleaner or the DEP issuing a Cease & Desist violation. As a homeowner, your primary concern should be the level of accuracy when diagnosing the location of your break. Plumber’s diagnosis […]