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New copper from tap

Lead Water Main Leaks Inside Basement

Last weekend in Queens, the tenant of a two family house came home from school to 2” of water in her basement apartment. As most would, she panicked and called her local plumber to investigate. He was quick to determine that it w

New pipe prepared for install

How to Locate and Repair a Broken Sewer 2017

If you are reading this article there is a good chance that you are experiencing sewer backups and are now looking for a permanent resolution to your sewage problems. The first question is what is causing the backups? You must have a plumber perform an inspection of your sewer line. Most commonly the plumber will […]

New cast iron sewer installed

Sewer Line Repair Cost NYC

How much should your sewer line cost?

The new pipe is installed!

Roots In Sewer Line Leads to Sewer Pipe Repair

The owner had spent almost $3,000 on sewer cleaning when she became aware that she first had to spend thousands of more dollars to permanently fix her sewer backups. It is important for homeowners to understand that if they are cleaning their sewer line more than three times per year, there is a good chance that there is a larger problem that is not going away unless the pipe is repaired

New copper is installed

Lead Water Pipe Leaks and Replaced with Copper

This Queens homeowner was aware that he had a lead water line that had sprung a small leak several months prior. In the back of his mind he knew that the main had to be replaced simply for the fact that it was lead, and now that it had a leak, he continued to tell himself he better have it changed before things got worse.

Hydrant is removed

Hydrant Relocated In Queens NYC

Once the hydrant relocation was approved, Harris Water & Sewer began working on all required paperwork with DEP and DOT. When replacing a hydrant in NYC there is a special division of DEP who inspects the entire installation, and not just when the new hydrant is installed.

wipes from sewer line backup

Sewer Line Scare Queens Resolved with Sewer Snake

Harris found sanitary napkins and cloth wipes had been clogging the sewer and advised the owner to avoid flushing these two items to avoid any future backups. The owner also began working on a cleaning plan once two times per year to maintain the sewer pipe and avoid the current situation from ever happening again.

Water Main and Sewer Inspections for New Homeowners

You recently purchased a house and have become aware that the sewer or water main is not functioning properly. This seems to have become more of a common issue as many realtors are not bringing these items to the closing table.

The final connection

Water Main Leak in Queens Results in DEP 3 Day Notice

DEP truck was parked outside of her house. The DEP supervisor requested to check her water main due to a water leak surfacing on her property, which was leaking onto the public sidewalk. He was quick to diagnose and determine the water was coming from her water main and issued her a 3 day notice.

Roadway work begins

Top 3 Procedures for Sewer Repair in Brooklyn & Queens

Many homeowners throughout Brooklyn and Queens experience problems with their sewer lines on a daily basis. The first problem is that most homeowners are not familiar with how their sewers function and what causes a sewer