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New pipe prepared for install

How to Locate and Repair a Broken Sewer 2017

If you are reading this article there is a good chance that you are experiencing sewer backups and are now looking for a permanent resolution to your sewage problems. The first question is what is causing the backups? You must have a plumber perform an inspection of your sewer line. Most commonly the plumber will […]

Illegal sewer liner

Illegal Sewer Liner Found During Routine Sewer Repair

The first issue is that liners are completely illegal in NYC per the NYC Department of Buildings. The liner is not an approved repair method because a sewer liner will not resolve a sewer pipe that is back pitched, suffering from root intrusion, will cut off pipes with branch lines etc.

New cast iron sewer installed

Sewer Line Repair Cost NYC

How much should your sewer line cost?

Domestic & Sprinkler Combined Water Main Installed

Harris Water & Sewer was hired to install a new combined water service for a new building in Park Slope Brooklyn as well as a second main for the same owner, in Queens. As per standard procedure, the field workers began the job by opening the roadway with a jackhammer in search for the city water main.

Digging for new water main installation

Water Main Leaks Inside Sewer Pit Brooklyn

Mrs. Saunders of New York Ave in Brooklyn first contacted Harris Water & Sewer after she became aware that her basement carpet was wet and suspected that her external water main was broken. Mrs Saunders was correct, she did have a broken pipe resulting in a wet carpet, but it was a broken pipe inside her wall. Harris opened the sewer trap to close the house control valve and stop the leak when the field investigator became aware that there was a secondary water main problem.

Excavating begins

Root Intrusion Leads to Sewer Pipe Repair

Harris first tried to clear the line with a sewer snake and continued to hit an obstruction. The video inspection showed that the pipe was only replaced from the property line and the old clay pipe on the

Water Main and Sewer Inspections for New Homeowners

You recently purchased a house and have become aware that the sewer or water main is not functioning properly. This seems to have become more of a common issue as many realtors are not bringing these items to the closing table.

water main leak in manhole

Water Line Leaks Into City Sewer Manhole

After investigating three houses with a noise test, one unlucky neighbor was issued a 3 day notice to have their lead pipe replaced with copper. The homeowner was in complete shock after she became aware that replacement was so expensive and questioned the possibility of repairing the pipe. Her licensed plumber informed her that it was illegal to make a repair on a lead pipe and that it falls outside of the DEP plumbing code.

Making the repair

Why So Many Brooklyn Water Line Breaks

“Why is my neighborhood experiencing so many broken water mains?”  A common question, which was recently posed by a Park Slope homeowner after three houses on his street had their water mains replaced.  Mr. Knobloch was confused after he was issued with a 3 day summons for his water main leaking in the roadway. Like […]

Roadway work begins

Top 3 Procedures for Sewer Repair in Brooklyn & Queens

Many homeowners throughout Brooklyn and Queens experience problems with their sewer lines on a daily basis. The first problem is that most homeowners are not familiar with how their sewers function and what causes a sewer